Display ad formats for crypto advertising.

Add display/banner formats to your ad stack that drive better viewability, user-friendliness, and results.

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The most impactful ad types

We focus on the most viable ad types to ensure better viewability and granular user targeting.

Display Ads Rectangle Format

Popular rectangle formats

  • Granular user targeting
  • Above-the-fold (ATF) placements
  • Programmatic PMP & PG availability
  • Desktop
  • 300 × 250
  • 300 × 600
  • Mobile
  • 300 × 250
Display Ads Leadeboard Format

Popular leaderboard formats

  • Granular user targeting
  • Responsively-designed formats
  • Programmatic PMP & PG availability
  • Desktop
  • 728 × 90
  • 970 × 90
  • Mobile
  • 320 × 100
  • 320 × 50

Value for Advertisers

Improved brand visibility

Ad placements on top crypto sites

Granular user targeting

Value for Publishers

High in quality & viewability

UX & content-first approach

Ad management & optimization

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Olinda has helped hundreds of crypto publishers optimize their programmatic ad stack with display ad formats most suitable for their website layouts from a UX, relevance, and ad revenue perspective.

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